Fitness Services

Body Cycle

An assimilation of out door riding through roads and hills with up beat music.


World class renown spinning classes from internationally certified instructors from the USA.


Relax and revive your stretch ability. Serenade your inner man as you empty your mind and relax your body.


Born in the Navy SEAL, TRX uses your body weight to help you develop strength,flexibility, balance, and core stability simulteneously.



Versatile suspension bands that assist in speed, strength, , sport functional training, weights and muscle gain.

Aqua Zumba

Enjoy Zumba in the pool. Best for expectant mums, any one with a knee, back or ligament problems. Safe way to burn down fat.


Made by Beto, Zumba is popular for the music as well as fitness moves that will challenge your coordination and sweat you out.

Junior Shake

Easy way to introduce youngsters into fitness and aerobics. Having fun with their peers while sweating.

Body Shake

You think you know the moves, but can you shake? Shake will challenge your hand and legs coordination as well as your ability to follow.



The Beautiful workout. When you mix kung-fu and aerobics you get low-fu. High impact fast pace that will leave you breathless.



Boxing and kick boxing moves assimilated in aerobics. Learn to punch and kick without breaks.



Self defense moves and blocks in a hard workout that leaves your legs shivering.

Dumbbell Blast

Exercise your full body with dumbbells, intense up beat music, high reps, no counting, no stopping. Burn calories and preserve your muscles.


Exercise with the oldest weight equipment on earth and understand while the cave man was strong, fast and very lean.

Circuit Training


One of kind group class that challenges your strength, fitness level and agility at the same time.

Functional Training

Your body makes natural moves like bending, squatting, twisting. Discover how well you can improve these functions.

Fat Burn

Aerobics workout with the sole purpose of getting your heart rate at a level where your body prefers fat as fuel.

Step – Booster


With the assistance of a multi-leveled step, explore your plyometric abilities as well as your strength.


Exercise with rest intervals at different intensities and Heart rate levels. Your body will not know what hit you.



An advanced exercise routine with a strict pattern of 20 seconds exercise and 10 seconds rest. Sounds easy until you try it.

Body Jive

Groove into shape.

Step Aerobics


Synonymous for its beautiful choreography. Step aerobics will leave you breathless yet asking for more.

Classic Aerobics

The 80’s aerobics revived in new upscale rhythms and moves.

Ball Aerobics

Employ the Swiss ball to some advance stretches and positions that will challenge your core balance.

Aero Step

A combination of both Step and Aerobics workouts.

Body Definition

Tone your muscles in a class that focused on aesthetic looks.

Stick Twist


Wit the help of stretching sticks. Hit your mid area hard with stick twists.

Abs Core

All about abdominal exercise and core workouts.

Core Plus

Extended core workouts, that starts counting when the burning sensation begins.

Core Blast

Perform all core workouts in one class. The results are a better posture and a small mid section.

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