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Treat your face with this natural gift. This real fruit facial comes with cleansing, scrubbing, face massage and a fruit pack. The fruit facial nourishes the skin with essential vitamins and provides antioxidant protection with many other benefits.

Gentleman’s Facial
60 minutes, AED 220/-

This treatment specifically targets clogged pores, sensitivity and razor burn while promoting total relaxation. Includes deep cleansing, steaming and extraction. As a final step, a treatment mask is applied to refine the pores, soothe and condition the skin.

Aroma Therapy Facial
60 minutes, AED 200/-

A delightful aromatic blend of pure essential oils makes this facial unforgettable. This experience includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation and extraction. An aromatic massage and the ideal mask best suited for your skin type.


Exfoliation Salt Scrub 45 minutes, AED 175/-
Restore your skin’s radiant glow as this innovative, exfoliating sea salt rich in concentrated minerals and essential oils, renders your skin silky-smooth and re-mineralized.

Full Body Polish 45 minutes, AED 250/-
Aromatic and gentle this creamy body polish exfoliates dry skin and polishes away toxins. Your skin resurfaces silky-soft and wonderfully hydrated. Ideal as a pre-treatment service.

Salt mousse-Glow 35 minutes, AED 200/-
French sea salt and organic fruit extracts enriched with Pro-Vitamin A and carrot seed oil are applied to your body recreating the seawater ambiance experience. This revolutionary anti-aging, salt mousse refines your skin, unlike any other exfoliation treatment.


Tropical Oasis
60 minutes, AED 220/-

Yogurt wrap drenched with Mango-Passion fruit extracts. This tropical wrap is rich in malic, tartaric, citric acids, potassium, calcium, glucose and other key anti-aging ingredients. Your skin emerges revived, refreshed, smoother, firmer and vividly brighter.

Aromatic Anti-Fatigue Moor Mud
60 minutes, AED 200/-

A warm aromatic Moor Mud rich in natural vitamins, minerals soothes sore muscles, aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated and musculoskeletal stress vanishes. Excellent for Athletes & Fitness Fanatics!


120 minutes, AED 300/-

A myriad of fused Massage techniques using warm stones to remove all the tension found in the muscles. A warm aromatic oil blend used with warm stones rebalances, de-stresses and refreshes you from head to toe … Delightfully Decadent!

Reflexology – Foot
30 minutes, AED 125/-

This genuine reflexology massage is the application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of the feet. A reflex action in another part of the body is stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area.


Indian Head Massage 30 minutes, AED 100/-
Indian head massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which releases the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

Back & Neck Massage 30 minutes, AED 100/-
The Back & Neck massage can relieve pain, anxiety and stress. This express massage is good for the releasing of tight muscles in the neck, shoulder and back parts of the body.

Green Coffee Slimming Body Wrap 60 minutes, AED 220/-
Tone your body with this amazing Body Wrap perfect to contour those abdominal areas.

Ayurveda massage with herbal steam 60 minutes, AED 250/-
An Indian traditional massage boosts the internal function of the body and helps in cleaning the toxins. “Ayurveda” thus means ’the knowledge of life’ or ‘the science of life’. The massage techniques used include tapping, kneading and squeezing as well as the more traditional massage strokes you would expect and to focus on the “Marma points”.

Blissful Massages 60 minutes, AED 175/-
Choice of Swedish | Sports | Aromatherapy
• Serenity – alleviates stress and relaxation
• Recovery – warming and anti-inflammatory
• Vitality – energizing and revitalizing
Close your eyes, relax, and bid stress farewell. Your therapist rhythmically applies proven-effective Swedish massage techniques combined with Aromatherapy to help you de-stress, unwind and achieve a deep sense of wellness. Your circulation is boosted as sore joints and muscles are quickly alleviated.


Manicure – 30 mins, AED 65 /-
Pedicure – 45 mins, AED 80 /-
Spa Manicure – 45 mins, AED 120 /-
Spa Pedicure – 60 mins, AED 140 /-
Spa Paraffin Manicure – 45 mins, AED 120 /-
Spa Paraffin Pedicure – 60 mins, AED 140 /-

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