Design Consultation and Spa Concept Creation

“Functionality by Design”

design-consultWe work with clients and architectural companies in all aspects of spa and leisure facility design.

Starting with site evaluations and space programming, we ensure the facility allocations, size recommendations, adjacencies are all carefully considered. With over 25 years of leisure facility management experience, we understand the requirements for a successful facility layout from an operational and functional perspective.

Design Consulting Services Include:

  • Space programs
  • Site location evaluations
  • Facility requirements based on usage calculations
  • Operational flow and adjacencies
  • Equipment recommendations and layouts
  • Audio-visual and IT specifications
  • Reception and retail display areas
  • Special wet area treatments and room layouts

Spa Concept Creation:

“Before the design process can begin, a unique theme must be developed”
With the rapid expansion in the number of luxury resort spas, day spas, destination spas and club spas, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a definitive brand, concept and theme for a proposed spa. Whether it is part of a hotel, resort, community, luxury tower, or a day spa, we can help create a distinctive concept to launch your vision.

We can develop the brand and theme for a spa including the signature treatments, menus, collaterals and product lines.

The spa experience should be a unique, holistic, relaxing and therapeutic experience that will draw users and guests to return. The “journey” begins the moment patrons enter the spa and the senses and elements transport them away from the stresses of everyday life.

Services Include:

  • “Signature” Treatments Design Features
  • Design Elements
  • Services Features
  • Menus and Collaterals
  • Spa Product and Retail Recommendations

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